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We are a whole-child education accrediting agency that is invested fully in holistic, relationship-based principles and practices.

At the International Council for Accrediting Relationship-based Education (ICARE), our aim is to empower educational institutions to integrate whole-child development principles and practices that promote holistic education. We forge a true partnership by following transparent and fair evaluation procedures. We do this by staying in relationship to your program’s mission and vision. Accreditation is based upon schools and organizations self-defined educational purposes and how they address the needs of evolving learners. We are sincere in our commitment to integrity, innovation, excellence, diversity, and holistic values.

Why does the world need this kind of accreditation program? Read our thoughts on the problem, the need it has created, and the solution we offer. If youre ready to explore our unique, comprehensive, and affordable accreditation program, please review the Steps to Accreditation. Then contact us to begin the process.

About the ICARE Team

The International Council for Accrediting Relationship-based Education (ICARE) is a project of Enlight Ignite, a group of education professionals based in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. We work in close collaboration with the holistic education experts at Portland, Oregon–based Luvmour Consulting and an international board of advisers. Together, we bring many decades of experience and diverse perspectives to the school accreditation process. Read below to learn more about both organizations and the expertise we offer.



Enlight Ignite is led by three individuals who live and breathe education and are deeply invested in shaping the future of learning. Our mission is to catalyze, synergize, and nourish diverse edu-ecosystems to “enlight and ignite” the evolution of education. Co-creating the ICARE holistic accreditation program is a labor of love and an expression of our utmost respect for our colleagues who are doing the vital work of relationship-based education in schools and other programs around the world.

ali ronder, M.Ed.

Co-Founder, Enlight Ignite, LLC
Development Director, Head of School, and Educational Nonprofit Consultant
Read more about Ali.


nishi andra, M.ED.

Co-Founder, Enlight Ignite, LLC
Program Development and Educational Technology
Read more about Nishi.

Teri Sperry, m.A.

Co-Founder, Enlight Ignite, LLC
Family Educational Consultant and Publisher
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The founders of Luvmour Consulting, Ba and Josette Luvmour, are developmental consultants with a knowledge of human development that runs both wide and deep. Their methodologies facilitate reflections on thinking and learning so that personal growth can emerge. Ba and Josette use the Natural Learning Relationships model of nurturing the child’s underlying needs, a whole-child development approach that cultivates and encourages optimal development. They work with schools, individual educators, parents, whole families, and social service organizations. They also frequently present at conferences. Learn more about their work here.


Josette Luvmour, Ph.D.

Specialist in human development, author, consultant, educator, and public speaker

Read more about Josette.


Geoffrey “Ba” Luvmour, M.A.

Mentor to professionals in all matters relating to children, families, and education; meditation facilitator; family consultant; educator; writer; and podcast host about holistic education

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